Our Story

In 1971, Perry & Nell Wimberley felt the call of God on their lives to begin a gospel music ministry as The Joylanders. Through the years the ministry has taken them down many roads and enabled them to make countless friends across the country. The makeup of the group has changed over the span of 3 decades, but the current lineup has been ministering together since 1995. The Wimberley's youngest daughter, Vanessa, represents the second generation. Vanessa and her husband, Jason Griggs, have 2 children, Jay (21) & Allison (17). Jay and Allison represent the third generation.

The Joylanders have recently undergone a name change in August 2017 and are now Endless Highway. Perry Wimerley states, “Names, heritage, & lineage are all very important as evidenced throughout the Bible. Nell and I began The Joylanders in 1971 and have ministered for 46 years under that name. God and His Word are unchanging, but the times and culture do change and progress. With that change, we realize that in order to reach a broader audience, the thrust and focus of our ministry needs to shift to the younger generations in our group. Our group name, The Joylanders, is a dated name from 1971 and needs to change to reflect the zeal of our younger group members. Nell and I will continue to travel and sing with the group as long as our health allows, but the focus will shift to our 2nd and 3rd generation. As we pass the mantle on to Allison, Jay, Vanessa, and Jason, they will carry on our heritage as “Endless Highway.”

Endless Highway stands and sings 3 Generations Strong at each concert. Currently, Jason, Vanessa, Jay, & Allison handle the bulk of the singing and playing responsibilities at concerts. Endless Highway offers a blend of Southern Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel, Acapella, and Acoustic Music. Whether it be a time tested hymn of the church, a spirited acapella song, or a toe tapping bluegrass song, Endless Highway will offer something to please every concert attendee. Attendees are sure to enjoy a mix of live instrumentation, pure acapella music, and tracks accompanied by Endless Highway's vocals. Endless Highway loves to have fun while ministering, but make no mistake, their goal is to exalt Christ, edify the church, and evangelize the lost.

Endless Highway currently books approximately 125 dates per year and has traveled regionally in about 12 states for years, but are expanding their horizons since signing with Skyland/Crossroads. Endless Highway sings at church services, civic centers, auditoriums, fairs, festivals, etc. If you're considering booking Endless Highway, please call Perry Wimberley at 731-855-2423 for assistance.

501(c)3 & Non-Profit Corporation
Joy For Generations Inc, dba Endless Highway, is recognized under the Federal IRS guidelines as a 501(c)3 organization and operates as a Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Tennessee. Gifts/Donations to Endless Highway are tax-deductible. Please pray and consider a one-time gift or a recurring gift and help support the ministry of Endless Highway.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.